Get Know About Ford Mustang GT, the best sports car ever.


This is a 6-speed 2019 Ford Mustang GT. You know that Ford for the first time on a Mustang with a 6-speed.

Ford Mustang GT best sports car

 but I really think that the pieces are coming together nicely for Ford with the Mustang and it’s just becoming more and more of a polished car.

One thing. I wish they would have done is made this lower grille opening also piano black to match but I do like the hexagonal shape.

There’s that huge Chrome Pony right there so much history, you know, I love looking at logos.

I love thinking about Brands and there’s something about that.

2.Wheels, Brakes & Suspension

Ford Mustang GT in red colour

They’re like a nice gloss black nice wheel really great design.

You could see that you’re going to get the huge Brembo calipers.

It also has a high-performance braking system with 4 wheel disc brakes ventilated discs rotors on all four wheels. The name of this color is ruby red metallic really stunning.

You’re going to have some significant suspension tuning and that’s going to help you handle because remember performance pack it kind of makes sense.

3.Engines & Performance

 GT most powerful engine

You’ll see that this plastic cover. it’s a great engine.

It has plenty of torque plenty of horsepower and such a great sound speaking of that. Let’s fire it up and hear that coyote scream.

  • 5.0 L Ti-VCT V-8 cylinders engine with 250 kmph top speed.
  • Maximum power 401 PS @ 6500 rpm
  • Maximum torque 515 NM @ 4250 rpm
  • It has 6-speed automatic gearbox.
  • Powered with RWD ( Rear wheel drive)

4.Rear End

This beautiful trunk spoiler is not too high, not too low. I really like just the way it is shaped.

Back, I love this part right here. You know, normally it’d be easier to just go with a regular pedestal type spoiler like they put on the Camaro’s.

but I really like the shape and the design of this and this is functional so it’s not all show .

I think one of the best things that for did to the Mustang for 2018 is they came out with the quad exhaust so for 2019, they’re back again.

They’re a nice great sound. Many of the 2015-2016 Mustang GT owners,They said it was too quiet these exhausts have a wonderful sound.

I love the Chrome GT badge in the back just enough. You got the horse on the front the pony you got the 500 on the side and you got the GT on the back.

you know, some people don’t like this bevel line that they added.

but I think it gives it a little bit of extra depth to it and it really makes it kind of balanced and then of course you have the tribe our tail lights.

 Mustang GT in black colour

What another historical feature when you turn on that turn signal and the way that they light up one-two, three, one two, three. It’s a really nice touch. 460 horsepower v8.

5-liter, 460 horsepower 0- 60 in about 4.2 seconds this being a 6-speed.

it’s really going to come down to the driver modification how fast this car is. You get the strut Tower brace.

They put Mustang GT right on the top there very nice touch really has a nice finish on it of quality.

Mustang GT led tail lights

I really feel like Ford. when it came to the quality of the materials look on the door panel. I don’t have time to start off in the door panel.


You got that nice material the leather on the armrest. It’s very soft. Nice quality leather. I do like the extra Chrome pieces that they have put,

you know, it gives a nice Touch of Class to it because that’s a Mustang you know it.

This one has the cloth seats, which even though their cloth. I really feel like these are going to wear. Well, it’s great material.

I like the contrast stitching and I like this almost like racing stripe design.

it actually has Mustang embossed into the seat, which is really cool when it comes to Interiors. I love the historical aspect of it.

I like the Dual Cow – it’s a very nice soft material. This is cool because you might think it’s full carbon fiber, but it’s got like almost like a brushed aluminum fit.

Finish to it, but it is a plastic and it is hard but at the end of the day, I think with the softness up here.

It is really nice the way they have round AC vents just makes it look very clean and Very well laid out and then there it is right here.

This is what you’ve been waiting for everybody. This is that six-speed transmission new for 2019 mustang.

 GT dashing interior view

I love the center console. It is a harder plastic here.

What’s wonderful? It’s nice soft leather on the armrest here and inside.

I have USB in plenty of room for whatever stuff you have very well laid out traditional good old-fashioned emergency brake.

Yes. It’s around. It’s not the flat bottom, You have that track Maps option.

So in this car you can do your line lock you have acceleration timer all different sorts of things that allow you to really,

I’ve always liked what the gauges how they have revolutions per minute instead of just RPM and on the speedometer.

6.Front View & Exterior

Okay, so here in the front have a lot of gloss black here in the grill around the Chrome Mustang.

The bottom portion is flat black with the body-colored portion there. All the exterior lighting on this vehicle is powered by LEDs.

Your headlights are in a reject your tube for your low in your high beams and you have a LED daytime running light turn signal side marker and fog lights.

 GT logo with font grill

 Most everything is body-colored the handles .

The side mirrors pillars and all that except for the wheels that are gloss black and then you have this portion right here kind of continuing in on with the front lip spoiler.

Splitter and then it comes in here with a gloss black as well and continues there in the back.

Then you have that 5.0 liter badging there on the side very iconic.

So,If you liked this article about Ford mustang Gt,best sports car ever.

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