Have a Look At Ferrari F8 Tributo, the Italian sports car.


Ferrari F8 Tributo overview of italian sports car

This is the Ferrari F8 Tributo Italian sports car . This car was launched at the Geneva motor show this year.

So interesting. This is the actual car that was on the stand at Geneva.

This car styling is actually inspired by the 308 GTB as well as the Ferrari F40.

First units should be arriving early next year in 2020,


Let’s have a look around the exterior.

The complete carbon exterior package and you’ll see in a moment complete carbon inside as well.

The carbon on the outside of this car is finished in gloss carbon, which is nice because it works very well with the paintwork.

Whereas the carbon on the inside is finished in a match which works very well with the leather and mixed.

This car is for Fitted with the Matrix LED headlights as standard which is an incredible new feature that really makes the light stand out. You can ingest those over here.

3.Engines & Specifications

It is a nice touch to this car last but not least. Let’s check out the engine. So in the engine bay.

we have full carbon fiber engine covers as well as the optional carbon-fiber engine manifold.

So as the standard engine would be red but it is an option to have it in the same sort of look.

This is the engine covers around it which make for a beautiful. Look as you see as we pan around and look through it.

Ferrari F8 Tributo v8 powerful engine
  • This is a tribute to the motor that is actually in this car. That is the F-15.
  • 3.9 liters twin-turbo V8 used in a lot of other cars such as the Ford, GTB, the 488 spiders.
  • 720 horsepower or 530 kilowatts
  • 770 NM of torque.
  • l 0 to 100 km/h or 0 to 60 miles an hour in 2.9 seconds
  • 0 to 200 km/h in 7.6 seconds.

You can absolutely imagine how quick that is 7.6 seconds.

This will Top out at 340 kilometers per hour and its absolutely incredible.

4.Interiors & Cockpits

Let’s have a look around the exterior of this Italian sports car.

Ferrari F8 Tributos best cockpit

Okay, first of all, I’m going to start on the passenger side.

I’m going to start with the door panel because I have seen on Instagram that certain configurations around the world have leather is beautiful.

Because you’ve got your full carbon door panel. you’ve got a leather top and that combination of texture and look is just, It’s incredible.

This car has Russell stitching right through the car, but this Matt carbon looks incredible on the door panel.

This is a more sporty specification with all of the carbon.

So every piece of carbon fiber you can stick on the interior is suspect on this car. If we turn our attention to the carbon racing seats.

This is an option on this car full carbon racing seats.

These are manually operated because the whole idea of having these seats are that they are to save weight.

And you can see that they’re incredible to sit in this is the large size seat.

Now the beautiful thing about the Seat is that it holds you really well and it has the Starlight fabric that’s inside.

 On the inside, you will see that this cause also fitted with the passenger display.

we can just touch the passenger display and it will come on now on the passenger display.

This was first released on the GTC for Lusso as well as the Ferrari Portofino.

Now on the screen, you are able to choose various performance modes.

It has a media option which you can click there will show us what sort of media would be plugged in, then we can have a navigation option shows us a compass and where we going.

We have a performance option that will show you a passenger, how fast you go in what sort of gear you in and what sort of gear you are pulling through the corners.

And the acceleration and under braking. This is a really really cool feature of this Italian sports car.

Ferrari F8 Tributo s sporty steering

But if we change it on the steering wheel to the sport, you can see it changes here.

Let’s change it to wet and you can see that actively changes as we go through the various modes.

You can see you get a really nice view of all the carbon fiber always remember that Ferraris cockpits in the sports cars a little bit more sport orientated and more focused on the driver.

Whereas the cockpits in the GTI sort of shareable between the passenger.

You’ve got your cruise control and you put the limit as well.

Which is a very cool thing here. You can adjust the mirrors and fold them as you can see the door panels are just absolutely incredible. This is the new steering wheel.

You can see you’ve got your two TFT screens one for your performance settings.

Your temperatures and your voltages and then the other side for your infotainment and stuff like that.

This car does have a Gallo tachometer that is free you pay for colors like white.

Just on the outside as you can see on the steering wheel. It is driver Focus.

Italian sports car Ferrari F8 Tributo in red colour

So you can have your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Use your indicators to adjust your suspension for bumpy road mode.

Engine start and stop your phone controls, which controls the sport modes on the car as well as your wiper modes.

So this is a truly incredible car a very nice place to be and I think many many owners who are going to order this or have ordered it around the world.

They are going to truly enjoy it but also sounds so unique as you know, every Ferrari sounds unique, no Ferrari sounds the same as another detail.

6.Rear End

Ferrari F8 Tributo s italian sports car  rear windscreen

What I must say is the rear of this car also a lightness of.

This rear window is super light that looks and adding to that home image to the F40 and the rear end.

Just looking absolutely incredible. This card does also have the rear diffusing carbon fiber and I think if you’re going to spec this car really nice.

you’ve got to do all the exterior and interior carbon fiber to really make it sporty and aggressive. 

Finally, I hope you would enjoy reading this article about the Italian sports car.

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