Get Know About Alfa Romeo 4C, the most luxury sports car.


Alfa Romeo 4C luxury sports car in red colour

Oh, yeah, the Alfa Romeo 4C. This is one of the most stunning luxury sports car on sale today. It’s like a mini Ferrari has a price tag to match the Porsche Cayman. Yeah, it’s pretty good.

The four C’s built around a carbon tub, which is how Formula One cars are made. This makes the body very stiff, but also very light the force actually only weighs around 900 kilograms and that’s pretty much a whole horse lighter than a Porsche Cayman.

2.Engine & Performance

Alfa Romeo 4C s powerful engine

So that’s the one Of the

performance equation taken care of the way to the other side, of course, is the power that’s built with by

  • 1.75 -liter turbocharged engine
  • 240 horsepower, which is actually mounted just behind.
  • The rear wheels by a fast-shifting 6-speed paddle-shift automatic gearbox
  • 62 miles an hour in just 4.5 seconds when you use the launch control.
  • weighs around 900 kilograms

It’s dead easy to engage for the kinds of Mick mode then hold the switch for a few seconds until it trips over into race mode.

Keep your left foot on the brake select first gear for the thrall will hold the revs then let go of the brake and remember to change gear.

3.Wheels & Suspension

It’s more about handling. What you have here is pretty much a perfectly balanced race car for the road. This particular car driving here has the upgraded performance pack and that includes some bigger Wheels.

Alfa Romeo 4C in red colour side view of luxury sports car

you got sticky tyres and the stiffer suspension as well and that helps the car handle even better. But despite having that stiffer suspension. It doesn’t bounce you about all over the place when you on a bumpy road. I mean the ride is actually perfectly acceptable.

Table for a sports car there is without is this carbon tub? It’s just so stiff. So I wouldn’t have to pick rock art suspension. So pleasantly surprised about that actually.

3.Cockpit & Interiors

Well, there you go. It appears that Alpha has built the perfect sports car.

Alfa Romeo 4C s digital speedometer

Okay, then let’s start with the cabinet. So the design is fine and that digital display. That’s pretty cool yet the quality of the steering wheel the switches and aftermarket stereo.

We’re out there just to feel a bit cheap compared to the rest of the car in car storage is poor as well even by sports car standard. So you have this little flat there we could probably store.

Few credit cards these cup holders. You have to get in the way of your elbow and then you’ve got this is going to lock wallet like the great it’s a lot and then these guys may be difficult to get out of especially if someone Parks closed because the doors are quite wide.

4.Boot space

Alfa Romeo 4C s small boot of luxury sports car

And there’s the boot. Have a look it’s not not particularly big maybe get a soft bag in there and having dignity. I’m going to prop it up with this bar there.

So Alpha didn’t fit a gas truck because that would have added a little bit of extra weight.


Alfa Romeo 4Cs rear sporty view of luxury sports car

In fact, this is one noisy car in general and there’s already visibility. So yeah, no idea what’s going on behind me. And if you well if it’s on a particular need the optional parking sensors and they really should be standard.

Well, it includes a sports exhaust which sounds great at low speeds, but when you’re cruising at 7 Miles an hour. It just drones on.

So This is all about Alfa Romeo 4C, the luxury sports car. Get know more about these luxury sports cars.

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